Our journey started many years ago as avid customers of other health stores, mainly in London. I worked in London for many years in the corporate world and my wife and I had a passion for health and nutrition that kept us experimenting with supplements and natural remedies. Then our daughter was born in 2012 and things soon switched over to a natural and organic way of life. We wanted to live a clean and natural life and as parents do that right thing for our daughter and also ourselves.

Our passion grew and grew for all things health and wellness. I started supplementing my diet many years ago and had to pretty much self diagnose and address my issues with a wheat intolerance and IBS. I tried many brands and products and was able to notice a difference and positive impact to my health and how I felt. I realised in my younger years that health and well-being is a lifestyle and not about a single factor such as supplementation, or just diet or just exercise. Living a healthy life delivers positive health benefits and noticeable impact to body and mind. Yes, we all phase in and out of a healthy lifestyle but I think it's about balance. 80-20 rule works for me.

A new chapter in our life emerged as my wife convinced me to follow our passion and interest in the health industry and open our very own health store. So we did, in Sunningdale, Ascot (Berkshire). We opened in April 2018 and have really enjoyed the journey so far. To be able to guide and advise our customers to help them make positive steps towards their health and well-being has been the most rewarding part of this journey. The feedback and support from our customer is priceless. We thank you!

So the journey continues, onwards and upwards as they say. Here's to great health, happiness and success in life!