Spring has Sprung

Detox tips and image of supplements

So, it’s that time of year again... Spring has sprung and it’s an ideal time for the first detox of the year.


Toxicity is of much greater concern in the 21st century than ever before. Our bodies can feel like we are under attack! There has been a rapid increase in the use of new and stronger chemicals, air and water pollution, radiation and nuclear power. Every day we ingest new chemicals unknowingly, use more drugs, eat more sugar and refined foods, and may daily abuse ourselves with various stimulants and sedatives. It’s no wonder our health can suffer.

We all need to detox, in order to rejuvenate our bodies from the onslaught of these toxins which accumulate and manifest in imbalances and illnesses such as: headaches, joint pains, sore throat, anxiety, hives, insomnia, fatigue, skin rashes, backaches, acne, eczema, menstrual problems, to name but a few.


Detox is all about reducing the stress and challenges occurring at a cellular level within your body. A detox programme is more than just supplementation. For example:

  • Swapping a congesting acidic diet to a clean, less congesting alkaline diet whilst you cleanse;
  • Supporting your detoxification program with natural therapeutics such as Epsom salt baths, saunas and dry skin brushing; and finally
  • Using effective products like Sun Chlorella, Kiki Health Zeolite Capsules and Wild Nutrition Total Cleanse Complex (to name a few) will assist your detox greatly, as they work at a cellular level to bind pollutants and toxins.

These activities support your organs during the detox process and will restore balance and vitality.
Pop in to talk further and join us for a herbal tea and to find out more about these super supportive tonics which can help you through your detox programme.

Thanks and Stay Healthy!

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