Reboot Talks Weight loss

Reboot Talks Weight loss

Here at Reboot we believe that weight is manageable just like any other health issue but it takes time and some will power to change the habits which are causing the issues.

Why am I struggling to lose weight?

Nowadays we are constantly being told about ways and new products that will help us lose weight quickly. The majority of adults are overweight or obese; 67% of men and 60% of women and a lot of people are just unhappy with their weight. Considering these statistics, it is clearly not as easy as taking a new pill that will suddenly help you to lose the pounds but there are things you can help aid your weightloss journey. You need to look at the different parts or your current lifestyle to see where the issues are. Could it be a high sugar diet? Lack of physical activity? Not being consistent?

Fad Diets

New diet trends are all too common and some may work temporarily but the majority of diets are not sustainable once you return to your normal diet and eating/exercising habits. Most of these diets involve cutting out food groups that we all need to maintain necessary nutrients. 

Today’s society has a large focus on weight loss so no surprise that people fall victim to fad diets that claim for quick fix. These diets all provide a temporary solution to a lifelong problem. Once you have reached your goal with your chosen diet and return to normal, usually the weight is quickly regained. 

The main things to look out for when considering diets are:

  • Quantities and limitations - Avoid diets that eliminate or severely restrict entire food groups, such as carbohydrates. There are healthy forms of carbohydrates that our body prefers as energy sources.
  • Specific food combinations - There is little evidence that combining certain foods or eating foods at specific times of the day will help with weight loss.
  • Rigid Menus - With any new diet, always ask yourself, “Can I eat this way for the rest of my life?” If the answer is no, the plan is not for you.
  • No need to exercise - If you want to maintain a healthy weight, build muscle and lose fat, the best path is a lifelong combination of eating smarter and moving more.


Exercise is really important when trying to lose weight as it helps to increase your metabolism and also helps you to burn calories. Even starting with a small form of exercise daily such as a walk would help. When aiming to lose weight you need to be in a caloric deficit. A calorie deficit occurs when you consume fewer calories than your body expends - by slightly altering your diet to a healthy alternative and incorporating extra exercise you will slowly begin finding yourself in a deficit and gradually begin losing weight!


You've probably heard people blame their weight on a slow metabolism, but what does that mean? Is metabolism really to blame. It's true that metabolism is linked to weight. But contrary to common belief, a slow metabolism is rarely the cause of excess weight gain. Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. 

We measure the body’s energy in calories. Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume. The term often used to describe your body’s metabolic set point is BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate. There’s no perfect formula to determine BMR, but online calculators can give you a good estimate by considering your gender, height, weight, age and activity level. 

“To lose weight in a healthy way, you need to make lifestyle changes that work for the long-haul while your body’s hormones adjust” - Dr. Avadhanula. 


Many studies show that sleep deprivation commonly leads to metabolic . Poor sleep is associated with increased oxidative stress, glucose (blood sugar) intolerance, and insulin resistance. Extra time spent awake may increase the opportunities to eat, and sleeping less may disrupt circadian rhythms, leading to weight gain. So making sure you are getting enough sleep and not over sleeping is a key part of your weight loss journey. 

What are fat burners and do they work?

Fat Burners work by speeding up metabolism, burning fat, and suppressing appetite. To burn fat, you should focus on a healthy eating and exercise strategy first, then consider adding natural fat burners to your routine. We at Reboot sell the original Fat Burner™ it is an advanced herbal tablet, based on well-proven ingredients that support effective fat metabolism. It is based on yerba mate combined with black cumin, ginger, green tea and milk thistle combined with the nutrient choline. Choline contributes to normal metabolism of fats and yerba mate supports weight loss in combination with a healthy diet. Fat burner supplements can help your weight loss journey and are great in conjunction with exercise, diet & sleep! 

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From reading this we hope you can step back and take a look at your lifestyle, analysing the areas that need to be improved. Looking at all of these factors will help you build a sustainable weight loss program for yourself personally. Everyone is different and progress is different for each individual. Don’t give up, keep working at your goals but find ways to do it sustainably for long term weight changes!

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