Green Cleaning: The importance of reducing your chemical exposure.

Green Cleaning: The importance of reducing your chemical exposure.

What is green cleaning?

Some would consider green cleaning as chemical free cleaning to reduce the harm done to our bodies and others would consider green cleaning as an eco-friendly cleaning method which reduces chemical pollution and plastic waste. Here at Reboot we firmly believe in a more natural way of life combining reduced chemical exposure and also creating a eco-friendlier world. This article will focus on discuss the different aspects of green cleaning, why its important and a clear action plan for you to gradually change your ways.


Why reduce your chemical intake - everyone uses bleach right?

In the modern world the smell of bleach and super strong lemon smell is considered the smell of cleanliness. Yes, it might be a great cleaning product but that beautiful lemon smell is covering up the harsh chemicals we are inhaling every time we spray the kitchen sides or bleach the toilet.

We are exposed to chemicals every day, pretty much everywhere we go. From the car fumes we breathe as we go on a daily walk, to the water we drink containing disinfectants, corrosion inhibitors and PH conditioners and much more when we include our daily personal care routines and food choices! Our bodies are bombarded by chemicals we are not naturally supposed to be exposed to so regularly. 

This can cause massive issues for your liver as it has to deal with all and filter out all these chemicals we are being exposed too. The majority of cleaning products you find in the local super markets have been tested for their safety but these products are all tested individually. It does not consider the impacts it could have alongside all of the other chemical that are entering our bodies daily. You cannot control what is outside of your living space but you can take control of your own environment.


The effect it can have on your health

In today’s society some would consider us too clean, over cleaning killing germs and bacteria are considered a good thing especially as COVID-19 made an appearance. But shipping back all bacteria’s and germs leaves our bodies with not reason to fight off these nasties or build a natural immunity. Even the chemical in the air can change the bacteria in our guts which can be devastating for our immune systems. 70% of our immune system cells live in out gut so it is crucial to keep our natural bacteria’s balanced. Unnecessary chemical exposure can inhibit the growth of your beneficial bacteria and changes the whole relationship within the gut. For every 1 cell in our bodies there are 10 bacteria - they are a huge part of our existence and our being. We want them to work in our favor.


Natural Cleaning Products - how can they even work? 

Just because natural products are natural doesn’t mean they do not work. You don’t need to throw away all your old products you just need to gradually replace them with better options when they run out. Some prefer to make their own products at home and add some essential oils or some prefer to shop more suitable alternatives from brands such as Bio-D. Citric Acid is a commonly used alternative to peroxides and chemical and really strip back all the bacteria in your home.

Four Ingredients you need to start creating your own green cleaning products:

  1. Citric acid
  2. White vinegar
  3. Essential oils
  4. Bicarbonate soda

Our favourite Bio-D Cleaning products.

  1. Bio-D All Purpose Sanitizer Spray
  2. Bio-D Bathroom Cleaner
  3. Bio-D Glass & Mirror Spray



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